Born and raised in the surrounding areas of Akron, OH. Zvada learned the craft of writing songs at a very young age from his older brother. Spending countless hours in his bedroom at his parents house, he slowly developed a unique voice that many have compared to the great Neil Young and Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra. While co-fronting the folk/rock band, Peter James & His Flapping Wings, in his late teens/early twenties, he had the opportunity to captivate audiences all over the US. In late 2014, Zvada relocated to Nashville, TN to continue the journey. 

Three years later, he debuted his first solo EP, Sleepless Nights. It was written during extended stays in London and New York City. "The idea for the EP was to lyrically paint a picture of the situations that came about from aimlessly wandering around the two cities. One minute you would be sitting on a train listening to people go about their days, then a few minutes later you find yourself in silence staring at an ocean with gloomy gray skies lingering overhead. There was inspiration in every direction I'd look." Zvada said. 

To capture these songs, he hid out in an attic in East Nashville during the winter of 2016. With the help of Luke Martin and Jon Bayley they found a way to paint those pictures with the limited resources available around the house. Together they achieved everything they wanted at the time. Telling stories of lost love and letting go of vices. 

Zvada has performed with artist such as Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Frontier Ruckus, Joshua James, David Mayfield Parade, River City Extension, Lincoln Durham, and many more. 

He is currently in the process of recording his second EP which is due to be out in the early winter of 2018. 

Photo by Giles Clements

Photo by Giles Clements